Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Olympic Artwork

Olympic Artwork 2016

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This term Room 10 has been working hard on an olympic artwork with all sorts of different learning activities, such as my tessellation as my background,  olympic vocabulary as my border,  similes and metaphors in the speech and thought bubbles, and my head on my favourite athlete (Serena Williams).  

First I will talk to you about my tessellation. If you don’t know what tessellation is, it means when two or more polygons make a repeating pattern with no gaps or overlapping.  The polygon that I used was a triangle that measured 3.8cm on each side so it could be a regular polygon and with my regular triangle I made a hexagon and a square out of it.

Then we got on to our similes and metaphors.  Here is an example of a simile and a metaphor that I used: She was as powerful as lightning hitting the tennis ball.  Her world was her stage hitting the tennis ball. Can you figure out which is which? What one is a metaphor and which is a simile?

Next I’m going to tell you about my fantastic vocabulary border.  Around my border is some olympic vocabulary like the three values which is Excellence, Friendship and Respect that all olympians demonstrate at the olympics.

Now last but not least my olympion.  The olympian that I choose was Serena Williams and she is a master at tennis games.  She is my fav athlete because she is powerful when she hits the ball and she is a really fierce tennis player and that is why I chose her.

Finally, this wonderful artwork is hanging over our heads in Room 10.  

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