Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Moment in time

The day Mike almost died.

One hot summer day the sun shined bright like a disco ball.  Mike invited his friends, Josh and Phill to go play ball tag at the park.  They were about to have Fish & Chips for lunch Mike said that he could smell the Fish & Chips from miles away.  They played a game of ball tag then the Fish & Chips arrived.  “Yesss! The fish and chips are here”.  Phill was very quiet like a mouse he only laughed a bit.  Once they ate they played ball tag again, Suddenly Josh through the ball and it hit Mike’s face, Mike’s nose started to bleed and phill rushed over to Mike like a cheetah with tissues “are you ok Mike”  asked Phill. Mike didn’t replied, Josh stood there in shame tears slowly dripped down this face.

Finally Mike woke up asking Phill “what happened Phill, What happened” asked Mike in a shallow voice.  He was waiting for an answer from Phill... Phill finally answered “Mike Josh through the ball at you and you have been asleep for almost a hour and a half” replied Phill quietly, a slow tear dropped down Mike’s face he looked at Josh with mixed emotions.  Josh looked guilty he ran up to Mike and said “sorry” Mike didn’t reply.     


This is what we had to do to get this finished 

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