Monday, 27 June 2016

Manu Tukutuku

Every year the māori people have their Matariki new year.   Matariki is the māori new year in early June and late May.

Here are some ways that the māori people celebrate Matariki : They have feasts ,Pukana Challenge, Kāpāhaka, Powhiri to make people feel welcome, Play knucklebones, Storytelling, Weaving, making manu tukutuku ( kite making ) and many more.

To celebrate Matariki my whole class made manu’s we had to have buddies my buddy was Earia. So once we had our buddies we had to collect our materials We used toi toi, wool, Harakeke and a black piece of paper for the top. Before we even get on with that we had to use our maths knowledge and find out how long the whole toe toe was and how to split the toe toe into three equal pieces, to get both sides of our manu and the middle.  The full length of our toe toe was 120cm long and then we split it into our three equal parts once we got our pieces
of our toe toe then we put them into the shape we wanted it in.  Then we tied the top of our manu with the wool then we got the the pieces that we needed for the lines in the middle of our manu then we had to go criss cross and around and keep adding the strips of our harakeke.   Once we finished weaving it we just had to add the paper on the top we decided to draw korus at the top of our manu and colour it in with blue purple and green and went with white on the outside. Then we just added some hot glue at the back of our manu Tuku Tuku.

What I have learnt about Tikanga is that it means why we do what we do and how we are going to respect it.  

The easiest part was probably the weaving part and the Hardest part was how we had to tie the top of the manu with the wool.  What me and my buddy need to work on is nothing and what me and my buddy done well was working as a team.  What I need to work on is saying how I worked it out using my maths knowledge.  I really had a fun and awesome time making my manu with my buddy Eraia.    


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